When a cherished pounamu breaks, it invokes a deep emotional response and initiates a cultural discussion on its fate. Views vary widely, from returning it to nature as an act of respect and release, indicating the end of its journey with the wearer, to repairing and repurposing the taonga, reflecting its ongoing value and mana. This article explores the diverse beliefs and practices surrounding broken pounamu, shedding light on how traditional Māori practices and beliefs guide the handling of broken taonga.
This styling guide offers creative ways to incorporate our bold enamel pin collection into your daily wardrobe, whether you're jazzing up a denim jacket, making a statement with headwear, or adding a touch of personality to your work lanyard. From casual flair to the elegance of formal attire, our styling tips ensure each pin enhances your look while empowering you to wear them with pride. Discover the versatility and depth these pins bring to any outfit, as shared by our community through heartwarming reviews, and find out how to let your personal style tell a story of cultural pride and solidarity.

With our DIY Frybread Gift Hamper, you're handing someone the recipe and ingredients to make delicious, homemade frybread. You're not just gifting the opportunity for a scrumptious snack; you're gifting a culinary legacy. As we like to say, "Give a friend frybread, they'll eat it in a day; teach a friend to make frybread, they will feast forever." 🤤

This unique hamper includes essential ingredients for our famous frybread recipe and a beautifully illustrated tea towel. It's the gift that keeps on giving, offering the opportunity to create delicious memories for years to come. Discover how to assemble your own DIY Frybread Gift Hamper, perfect for gifting to friends and family. 🍞🎁

Explore a unique assortment of exceptional products from 50+ Māori-owned businesses in our carefully curated collection. Discover meaningful gifts for the festive season and beyond while championing local artisans and indigenous entrepreneurs. Our guide spans various budget options, catering to your every gifting need, whether it's a charming Secret Santa surprise, a cute stocking filler, a statement gift for a loved one, or a collaborative gift between whānau and friends that leaves a lasting impression.

Discover the dos and don'ts of gifting teachers with our honest guide as shared by teachers themselves. Unveil the 5 least favourite teacher gifts, from generic mugs to expired chocolates, then explore the 5 best teacher appreciation gifts, including personalised presents, vouchers, and heartwarming messages. Finding the ideal gift for your child's teacher shouldn't be a daunting task, and we're here to ensure you'll find the perfect way to express your gratitude.
In this article, we delve into a kōrero with Linda from TEACHERLATTE about her socially driven brand and the release of their new Reo Māori Stamp Set in collaboration with Maimoa Creative. Explore the kaupapa (significance) behind TEACHERLATTE, the importance of celebrating indigenous communities, and how these stamps can make a difference in creating culturally safe classrooms.
Discover a curated selection of beautiful and authentic products from Māori-owned businesses. This festive season, support local and embrace the rich culture of Aotearoa. From baby blankets and wraps by Awhi Co. to stunning original art on hand-made harakeke paper by Jordy Elise, each item carries the essence of Māori language and culture. Tracy Maniapoto offers whakakai (earrings) that bring te reo Māori into everyday fashion, while Designed by Natives offers framed prints, Kirihimete decorations, jewellery, and kākahu (clothing). Explore the Kaupapa Game, a fun educational word game celebrating te reo Māori, or discover ethical baby wraps, clothing, homeware, and more from Aho Creative. Immerse yourself in Māori-inspired playing cards by Kāri Māori or find Māori-inspired stationery from Tuhi Stationery. The Woodlands Toys offer handcrafted wooden toys, and Be + Humble presents handcrafted skincare. Nichola.nz showcases clothing, jewellery, and accessories, while SaMāori offers Kawhe (coffee) with a Māori twist. NUKU presents a powerful pukapuka (book) based on their series "NUKU: Stories of 100 Indigenous Wāhine," and Taputapu Ltd. offers homeware. Discover clothing, jewellery, and homeware from Waiapu Road, indulge in holistic skincare from Hau Botanicals, or capture precious memories with Te Reo Māori keepsakes from Pukapuka Puipuiaki. Finally, explore clothing, accessories, and gift boxes from Ahu Boutique and experience the diverse talents and creativity of Māori-owned businesses.