How to make a DIY Frybread Gift Hamper

How to make a DIY Frybread Gift Hamper

"Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime." Except we're not talking fish. We're talking FRYBREAD. With our DIY Frybread Gift Hamper, you're handing someone the recipe and ingredients to make delicious, homemade frybread. You're not just gifting the opportunity for a scrumptious snack; you're gifting a culinary legacy. 

As we like to say, "Give a friend frybread, they'll eat it in a day; teach a friend to make frybread, they will feast forever." 🤤

This gift hamper idea is the gift that keeps on giving. It stocks up the recipient's pantry with the essentials to make our famous frybread recipe, AND they have the recipe in a beautifully illustrated tea towel form. What's not to love?? Check out our guide below to making your own DIY Frybread Gift Hamper.


What You'll Need:


Although salt, milk, and sugar are also needed for this frybread recipe, those are staples that all households will have to complete the recipe. Feel free to add them to the hamper as well if you want to gift the full package.


Maimoa Creative Parāoa Parai Tea Towel

A gorgeous illustrated recipe tea towel that serves as the feature piece of the hamper and includes the famous frybread recipe for the recipient to learn and make. Purchase here.

frybread tea towel

A Basket
A stylish and reusable container for presenting your hamper. You can use a second-hand basket from the Op Shop (just make sure you clean it first!). We used this Wire Mesh Basket from Kmart for $16.00. 

black wire mesh basket

A Large Glass Jar
This is to act as a stylish reusable flour container.* We used this Clip Lid Glass Jar from Mitre10 for $8.98.


2x Small Glass Containers
These are cute reusable containers* for the yeast and golden syrup. You could use recycled mini jars if you have them, or find some other cute treasures from the Op Shop. We used these Mini Glass Canisters from Kmart for $5.50.

small glass jars bamboo lid

An Oil Pourer
This is to act as a stylish reusable container for the oil* and ensures easy and mess-free oil pouring. We used this Glass Oil Pourer from Kmart for $4.00.


Measuring Utensils
This is optional but adds a nice additional touch to the hamper. We used this set of black stainless steel Measuring Spoons from Kmart for $7.00. 


Fresh Greenery
A natural and decorative touch. We grabbed some Rosemary from the garden and tied it together with twine. Freshly picked flowers would also be a wonderful alternative.


Kraft Stickers and Labels + Cotton String or Twine
These are to customise and label the containers* for the ingredients. Don't worry about these if you are gifting the ingredients as is. We sourced ours from Kmart. You could make your own labels with kraft paper and glue.

kraft parcel gift tag

*For a more budget-friendly option, gift the ingredients in their original packaging instead of using reusable storage containers.

How to Assemble Your Frybread Gift Hamper

Create a Base: To create a sturdy base and ensure the products sit well, add shredded paper or a suitable filler at the bottom of your basket/container.

Prepare Ingredient Containers: Before adding the ingredients, label your storage containers in Te Reo Māori:


Hinu (Oil)
Īhi (Yeast)
Puehu Parāoa Kounga (High Grade Flour)
Waihuka Kōura (Golden Syrup)

Once labelled, carefully add the ingredients to the containers. Use a funnel for the oil if needed.

Add Items: Carefully place all the items in the basket. Add more filler around each product so they sit evenly and protect the glass items as well.

    Your DIY Frybread Gift Hamper is now ready to be gifted! This thoughtful and creative hamper not only celebrates the deliciousness of frybread but also offers an enriched experience for the recipient by giving them the tools to learn the recipe and make it for their friends and whānau for many years to come.