Reo Māori Games

Māori-inspired playing cards displayed on a wooden table, partially fanned out next to a ceramic vase and dried grass in sunlight

Māori Statement Pins

Enamel pins with Māori phrases including 'Proud to be Māori', 'Kia Kaha Te Reo Māori', and 'Guided by my Tūpuna', displayed on natural stones under soft lighting

Reo Māori Homeware

A kitchen setting with a tea towel hung on the wall featuring illustrations and recipe instructions for making frybread, accompanied by a plate of freshly made frybread on a wooden board, a mason jar, and a wooden bowl on a countertop.

Maimoa (verb): to cherish, take care of.

Maimoa Creative is a Māori-owned brand based in Tauranga that is passionate about promoting the Māori language and culture through unique designs, products and resources. Our aim is to help normalise the use of te reo Māori in everyday life, empower tangata whenua to be proud of their māoritanga, and support learners on their journey.

A spread of ingredients for making Māori fry bread, displayed around an illustrated recipe on a tea towel, with a cup of tea, milk, butter, yeast, sugar, oil, and a plate of freshly made fry bread, all laid out on a wooden surface.

For serving 🤤

Parāoa Parai

Make your own fry bread with our easy recipe!

Golden syrup

to drizzle on top 🍯

Play Pakiaka
Overhead view of four people's hands reaching into a scattered pile of wooden letter tiles on a table as they engage in a word-forming Māori game.
Overhead view of four people's hands reaching into a scattered pile of wooden letter tiles on a table as they engage in a word-forming Māori game.

Blog Posts

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Is it appropriate for non-Māori to wear taonga? This question invites us to explore diverse viewpoints within our community. While some advocate for taonga to be exclusive to Māori, others support sharing Māori culture with those who respect its values. This discourse is not about setting hard rules but rather encouraging a thoughtful approach to cultural exchange, emphasising respect, intention, and genuine connection with Māori culture.

This article addresses the importance of embracing mixed heritage and the unique complexities it brings. It challenges the outdated concept of blood quantum, advocating for identity recognition based on whakapapa and personal engagement. The discussion underscores the significance of acknowledging and celebrating diverse cultural roots, which contribute to a richer, more nuanced personal identity. This exploration not only honours ancestral legacies but also promotes a more inclusive understanding of what it means to belong to multiple cultures.
When a cherished pounamu breaks, it invokes a deep emotional response and initiates a cultural discussion on its fate. Views vary widely, from returning it to nature as an act of respect and release, indicating the end of its journey with the wearer, to repairing and repurposing the taonga, reflecting its ongoing value and mana. This article explores the diverse beliefs and practices surrounding broken pounamu, shedding light on how traditional Māori practices and beliefs guide the handling of broken taonga.
This styling guide offers creative ways to incorporate our bold enamel pin collection into your daily wardrobe, whether you're jazzing up a denim jacket, making a statement with headwear, or adding a touch of personality to your work lanyard. From casual flair to the elegance of formal attire, our styling tips ensure each pin enhances your look while empowering you to wear them with pride. Discover the versatility and depth these pins bring to any outfit, as shared by our community through heartwarming reviews, and find out how to let your personal style tell a story of cultural pride and solidarity.

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