Super Creative Podcast E52: Aroha Tamihana — Maimoa Creative

Super Creative Podcast E52: Aroha Tamihana — Maimoa Creative


"Today on the podcast, I speak to Aroha Tamihana – owner of Maimoa Creative, a design studio based in Tauranga that is passionate about promoting the Māori language and culture through unique designs, products and resources. Her aim is to help normalise the use of te reo Māori in everyday life.

In her own words Aroha is a graphic designer, hand lettering artist, wife to a passionate Māori teacher, māmā, perfectionist, learner, and advocate for te reo Māori. Maimoa Creative was birthed out of her desire to fuse two of her passions (typography and te ao Māori) to help normalise te reo Māori in Aotearoa and support other learners on their journey.

As well her business, Aroha has grown a significant presence on Instagram – using her platform of over fifty-three thousand followers (and counting) to educate, advocate and celebrate Māori language and culture. She does this in the most down-to-earth, informative, clever and often funny way.

As well as beautiful products, Maimoa Creative has an awesome blog that contains some epic resources around Māori language and culture – the website address is or you can find Aroha on Instagram @maimoa.creative and be prepared to take a deep dive – you will learn so much going through her content! 

I know you will love my kōrero with Aroha as much as I did."


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