A hand holding a pin with the text "Proud to be Māori" in front of an illustration of a denim jacket with a similar pin already attached to the lapel.

Pin Your Pride: Styling Maimoa Creative Enamel Pins in Everyday Fashion

An image showing a collection of illustrated items, including a scarf with a pin attached, a denim jacket with pins on the lapel, a fedora hat with a pin on the band, a tote bag with a pin on the side, a beanie with a pin attached to the fold, and a work lanyard with a pin on the ID badge. The illustrations are detailed line drawings with no color on a white background.

Maimoa Creative is proud to present our exclusive Māori Enamel Pin Collection, a selection of bold statement pins that do more than just accessorise—they are a powerful representation of solidarity and respect for Aotearoa's indigenous roots. This bold collection is a celebration of the Māori language and culture.

Crafted from premium hard enamel metal, complemented by elegant brass plating and detailing, these pins are versatile companions for your fashion style. Whether you're going for a cute and casual look, or a more dressy attire, these pins can be styled however you choose.

Join us in this article as we explore creative ways to showcase these powerful symbols in your everyday fashion. With our styling tips, you can make the most of your enamel pins, ensuring that each piece resonates with you and your style.

Denim, the Classic Canvas

An illustration of a denim jacket with pins on the lapel

Pop one (or three — why not?) of our enamel pins on your favourite denim jacket. On or near the lapel is a common location, or on one of the pockets. Each pin brings its own mana to your ensemble. Let these pins be storytellers, and let your jacket be a canvas for these tales, sparking conversations and connections with every outing.

Customer review spotlight:

"I wanted to show my support publicly and this is excellent. I’ve had strangers comment on it and have given them the pin to wear. Will be ordering more!"

"I had to have these to remind myself of where I am on my journey and this little token of flare makes me feel empowered, embodied and stronger. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to not only wear these with pride everyday, but showcase our heritage up front and centre on my kākahu in such a humbling way."


A close-up photo of a denim jacket with four enamel pins attached. From left to right, the pins read: "Guided by my tūpuna," "Kia kaha te reo Māori," "Reclaimin my Reo," and "Proud to be Māori." The pins are designed with decorative elements and colors to emphasize the messages of guidance by ancestors, strength for the Māori language, and Māori pride.

Headwear that Turns Heads

An illustration of a fedora hat with a pin on the band

 From the laid-back cap to the snug beanie, or even a classy wide-brim hat – our pins are the twist your headwear's been waiting for 🧢

Customer review spotlight:

"Powerful little statement pin. My small act of advocacy for our reo wherever I go. Ātaahua!"

An enamel badge pin with the words "Kia Kaha Te Reo Māori" written in bold letters on a tan wool hat


On the Daily with Lanyards

An illustration of a work lanyard with a pin on the ID badge.

Take a bit of pin pride to work with you. Slip a pin onto your lanyard and let it dangle beside your ID. It's a subtle nod to who you are, and a stylish way to brighten up your workday attire.

Our pins can be symbols of support and recognition in various professional and personal spheres. Plus, it's a great ice-breaker 🧊

Customer review spotlight:

"Gave as a gift to a loved one who works in the wānanga space reindigenising parenting. She adores it and wears it daily in her mahi.

"I brought this as a reminder to myself who walks along side me in my mahi. I wear it on my lanyard and had alot of compliments about it. So in love with it."

"It’s a beautiful pin I proudly wear on my lanyard and I’ve had multiple comments on it. I honestly feel that the more I reclaim my reo and heritage, the higher I hold my head up."

A person is wearing a clay colour dress adorned with three enamel pins, featuring the phrases "Kia kaha te reo Māori", "Guided by my tūpuna" and "Reclaiming my REO." Above the pins, the person is wearing a traditional Māori carved pounamu (greenstone) necklace.


Scarves That Tell A Story

An illustration of a scarf with a pin attached

Winter's chill has got nothing on you when you've got a scarf adorned with one of our enamel beauties. Add our pins to your layers to create a unique touch to your winter attire 🧣

Customer review spotlight:

"Love this pin, as a non-Māori it is a great way to show my support for Te Tiriti and what it stands for."

Pēke with Personality

An illustration of a handbag with two enamel pins on the side

Give your go-to bag or purse a touch of personality. Pinning one of our enamel treasures on a pēke (tote bag, school bag, kete, purse, or clutch) can transform an everyday accessory into a standout piece that carries a story 👜 

Our pins allow for public expression of commitment to te reo, turning everyday items into symbols of identity and advocacy.

Customer review spotlight:

"He mihi nui ki a Maimoa Creative, tino rawe tēnei pine. I was looking for some pins to share with whānau to express my commitment to te reo in public, this fit the bill perfectly."

An enamel badge pin with the words "Proud to be Māori" written in bold letters on a brown leather bag with Māori motifs and designs


Formal Fashion with a Pinch of Pride

An illustration of a suit with a pin on the lapel

Wanting to personalise your graduation gown? Fasten a Maimoa Creative pin of your choice to it, and let it remind you of your whakapapa as you walk across that stage, your accomplishments amplified by the pride of your whānau and tūpuna. It's your day to shine, and what better way to do it than with a symbol of your identity? 👩🏽‍🎓

As another option, secure one pin (or a pair) on suit lapels or cufflinks for a sophisticated and more formal display of your pride 👔

Customer review spotlight:

"Got a couple, for each of my suit lapels. Super quality - Rawe. I figure it's a nice way to make an identity statement for a "white passing" Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairarapa tama. Nga mihi nui Maimoa Creative team."

Two hands securing an enamel pin in the shape of a flag with the words "Toitū te Tiriti" written in bold letters onto a dark forest green dress


Our Māori Enamel Pin Collection is not just about adorning your attire — they are here to make a statement. It’s about wearing your story, your pride, your advocacy, or your whakapapa for the world to see.

Discover the pin that speaks to you at maimoa.nz #wearitwithpride