Learn 12 essential reo Māori phrases for parents looking to introduce their babies and household to te reo Māori. From simple observations and everyday tasks to basic needs, these words and phrases are a great starting point for nurturing language in your little one from birth and beyond.

Welcome to the fundamental elements of te reo Māori. If you're new to this language, understanding its alphabet and sounds is an essential starting point. This guide deciphers the Māori alphabet, encompassing vowels, consonants, digraphs, diphthongs, macrons, dialectal differences, and pronunciation tips. Mastering these components is the first stride toward confidently embracing te reo Māori.

Discover how we embraced te reo Māori for our adorable Japanese Spitz, Toka, right from day one, the power of persistence in nurturing a bilingual family, and how teaching our furry friend Māori commands defied expectations and misconceptions. Explore our guide of basic phrases to help you on your own language journey with your beloved canine companion, and access our illustrated digital download print-out of the most common te reo Māori dog commands.

When you decide to embrace more reo Māori in your daily life, it can feel overwhelming, not knowing where to begin. However, taking small steps and starting with basic phrases is key. If you're raising kids and wish to include more Māori words and expressions, here are ten essential phrases we use every day. Catered toward young children, these phrases can be an excellent starting point. From breakfast preferences to getting dressed, brushing teeth, and more, these phrases will gradually evolve as your children grow. Embrace the power of language by nurturing the use of reo Māori in your everyday life.

Follow the Tamihana family's inspiring journey of reclaiming and revitalising te reo Māori, the life force of Māori culture. Discover the significance of language in shaping Māori identity and the efforts to pass it on to future generations. Learn about the transformative power of bilingualism and the joys of raising unapologetically Māori children.

Discover the concept of 'not taking up space' in the context of Pākehā and tauiwi learning te reo Māori. Learn why it's crucial for non-Māori to be aware of how their learning journey can impact Māori learners. Explore practical tips for fostering a safe and respectful environment that allows Māori students to thrive while learning te reo Māori.
Discover the importance of respecting and pronouncing students' names correctly. This article provides five reminders for teachers to prioritise addressing students by their original names, highlighting the significance of names in identity and the impact of mispronunciation. Learn how investing a little effort and practising pronunciation can create a respectful and inclusive classroom environment.
Prepare to add a touch of te reo Māori to your card games with our handy collection of words and phrases. Whether you're engaging in friendly banter or celebrating a victory, these expressions will bring an extra level of enjoyment to your game nights. From playful taunts to game-specific vocabulary, impress your whānau with your te reo skills and savour the lively atmosphere. Karawhiua mai te tākarokaro! (Let the fun begin!)