Calling all self-employed business owners! Take a break from the daily grind and invest in the big picture by going on your own Mahi Retreat. Whether you go alone, with your team, or join other like-minded business owners, a Mahi Retreat is a getaway dedicated to nurturing the growth of your business. Set in a beautiful location, it's a time to recalibrate, dream big, set goals, and find rest. Don't underestimate the power of stepping away from the daily hustle to realign your goals and connect with fellow entrepreneurs. Here are some top tips for organising your own Mahi Retreat: choose compatible company, select an inspiring location, set intentions for the retreat, start each day in a way that energises you, create a rough schedule, plan and share meals, support each other, and end the retreat on a high note. Remember to plan your next retreat before you leave to maintain momentum and rejuvenate your business.
In this blog post, I reflect on the past three years of running Maimoa Creative, sharing insights and experiences from starting and growing my business. From releasing new products to collaborating with others, surviving lockdowns, and gaining a significant following on Instagram, it has been a wild and fulfilling adventure. I take you back to the beginning when the idea for Maimoa Creative started brewing during my maternity leave, and I share the highs and lows of being a small business owner. Along the way, I provide advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners based on what I have learned from my own journey.
Immerse yourself in the spirit of play with Kaupapa, an extraordinary board game created by Kura Rēhia in collaboration with Maimoa Creative. Designed to celebrate te reo Māori and cater to all levels of fluency, this game captures the essence of Aotearoa's uniqueness. With sustainable materials and eco-friendly printing, Kaupapa brings people together to enjoy and learn the language. Explore its features and benefits, and purchase your own game today.
Discover a curated selection of beautiful and authentic products from Māori-owned businesses. This festive season, support local and embrace the rich culture of Aotearoa. From baby blankets and wraps by Awhi Co. to stunning original art on hand-made harakeke paper by Jordy Elise, each item carries the essence of Māori language and culture. Tracy Maniapoto offers whakakai (earrings) that bring te reo Māori into everyday fashion, while Designed by Natives offers framed prints, Kirihimete decorations, jewellery, and kākahu (clothing). Explore the Kaupapa Game, a fun educational word game celebrating te reo Māori, or discover ethical baby wraps, clothing, homeware, and more from Aho Creative. Immerse yourself in Māori-inspired playing cards by Kāri Māori or find Māori-inspired stationery from Tuhi Stationery. The Woodlands Toys offer handcrafted wooden toys, and Be + Humble presents handcrafted skincare. showcases clothing, jewellery, and accessories, while SaMāori offers Kawhe (coffee) with a Māori twist. NUKU presents a powerful pukapuka (book) based on their series "NUKU: Stories of 100 Indigenous Wāhine," and Taputapu Ltd. offers homeware. Discover clothing, jewellery, and homeware from Waiapu Road, indulge in holistic skincare from Hau Botanicals, or capture precious memories with Te Reo Māori keepsakes from Pukapuka Puipuiaki. Finally, explore clothing, accessories, and gift boxes from Ahu Boutique and experience the diverse talents and creativity of Māori-owned businesses.
Learning te reo Māori as an adult can be challenging, especially for non-Māori on a reclamation journey. In this guide, I share some top tips based on my own experience. First, understand your capacity and make learning fit into your life. Set realistic expectations and be patient with your progress. Nail the basics to build a strong foundation, and be open to unlearning incorrect pronunciations. Embrace mistakes and learn from them. Remember that learning the language is connected to understanding Māori culture and tikanga. Always remind yourself of your "why" and the bigger picture. Finally, acknowledge and embrace the emotions that arise during the reclamation journey.
Watch the fresh and humorous twist to the timeless Father's Day radio call in New Zealand. This year, we embraced our passion for promoting te reo Māori by creating a humorous reo Māori parody video that pays homage to the iconic radio call while adding a creative spin. From translation challenges to perfecting comedic delivery, our goal was to celebrate the beauty of the Māori language while making people laugh.
Discover the irresistible Māori delicacy of Parāoa Parai (Fry Bread), a beloved treat served at feasts, celebrations, and family gatherings. This fail-proof recipe from Maimoa Creative guarantees crispy, golden-brown exteriors and fluffy interiors. Thousands have tested and approved it, making it a must-save winner. Get ready to fry up perfection and enjoy this delightful recipe that will leave you wanting more.